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Dear friends and admirers of old furniture. After several years of every-day hard work I’d like to present some of my work I could restore, thus returning the beauty as well as functionality they originally had. When you look at that damaged writing table your grandfather left for you, you might think it is beyond saving. Or it could be the case of a comfortable chair, clock or a lovely little jewel box.

How is a restoration of such antiquities possible?

  • Thanks to significant skill of the master craftsmen
  • Thanks to sensible use of suitable and high-quality wood
  • Thanks to materials that allow us take the object apart and after many hours of hard work put it back together to its original beauty without any additional damage
  • Thanks to the love for the craft and the desire to create something valuable and lasting

Using traditional methods and materials such as the hide glue used for piecing everything together and surface finishing by hand French polishing. I cooperate with an upholsterer, who provides the upholstery of the antique seating using traditional method. He makes seats using webbing, mounts back the copper springs and adds African grass and horsehair.

Then, in case of some missing fitting or maybe a lost key from the lock for your cabinet I go to a colleague of mine who is a smith. We sensibly complement or cast a new piece of brass fitting. When repairing clock cabinets of various shapes and proportions, it is commonly needed to clean and preserve the clockwork, make missing pendulum or mount a new glass. Everything is possible when cooperating with an experienced clockmaker.

Since this antique furniture is located in buildings of the same age and beauty I also restore the original wooden components such as entrance and interior doors including their fittings a locks.

Then original wooden windows including their exterior and interior shutters. If the window or any of its parts are impossible to restore or are missing entirely, I make a precise copy of the object according to the model. Then there is original wooden flooring, wall cladding or wooden stairway. Is there piece of cladding missing or do you have only a door-post, but the door is actually missing? Everything can be sensibly complemented according to photographs or a preserved piece.

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